M.O.T.O. HandBook
“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110 percent all the time”-----Don Zimmer

Motivating Others To Outperform, M.O.T.O., is a non-profit youth organization that train girls and boys between the ages of 8 to 18 years old.
M.O.T.O. Mission and Objective:
M.O.T.O. believes the lesson learned during an athlete’s life such as discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability and commitment, is modeled within an athlete’s environment that will prepare them for years to come.
When youths choose to participate in sports, they choose for one or more of the following reasons:
  1. Friendships
  2. Physical Exercise
  3. Aspirations of playing at a higher level (college and beyond).
                       With this in mind, M.O.T.O. offers:

1.) Developmental Division Our developmental division prepares players whose desire is to learn the basics skills in volleyball.  Fundamental skills and strategies are introduced at this level as we make assessments on players’ projected ability to compete in our future divisions/levels.  Playing time, however, must be earned through practice performance, positive attitude and effort. 
2.) Club Division Our club division is a level designed for players who are between developing and ready to showcase their volleyball skills with contested matches.

3.) Power/National Division Our power/national division teams are considered our highest level of play for players who want to be challenge and compete at the next level.  Players will need to demonstrate skillful skill sets; be competitive; possess a positive attitude; 100% effort and good sportsmanship in order to compete in this division. 

Our training will be geared towards players who prefer NOT to travel and for those players who DO NOT make one of M.O.T.O.'s traveling team.

I. Club M.O.T.O. Policies for Players:  
Playing for a M.O.T.O. team is a commitment to the club for the duration of the club volleyball season.
  1. Club M.O.T.O. Players will work hard at all practices and tournaments, taking the opportunity to learn from coaches by having an open mind, listening, being disciplined and coachable.  M.O.T.O. players will arrive at practices early enough to be dressed and ready to play at the start of their respective court time.
  2. Volleyball is a physically demanding sport.  Club M.O.T.O. players will take care of themselves through proper nutrition and rest and will report all injuries or illnesses to their coaches.  M.O.T.O. has a zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use.  Any involvement in any of these activities is ground for immediate dismissal.
  3. Volleyball is above all a team sport.  Club M.O.T.O. players will support their teammates and other members of the club.  Players will also be willing to learn and play any position needed by the coach/team.
  4. Club M.O.T.O. players will follow curfews set by their coaches during any tournaments requiring overnight travel.
  5. As representatives of Club M.O.T.O. and the community, M.O.T.O. players will at all times show respect towards each other, their coaches, and tournament officials, as well as towards the players, coaches, and parents of other clubs.  They will also obey all of the rules and policies of both practice and tournament facilities.
  6. Club M.O.T.O. players will notify their coaches if they are going to be absent or late for a practice and understand that the consequences of missing a practice or tournament will result in reduced playing time at the next tournament.
  7. Club M.O.T.O. does not guarantee equal playing time to each player at tournaments.  Playing time at tournaments will depend upon a variety of factors including skill level, position, effort at practices, and opponents.  M.O.T.O. players that have a concern about playing time will discuss with their coach what they can specifically work on in order to earn increased court time.
  8. Club M.O.T.O. players are student-athletes.  They understand that playing club volleyball is a major time commitment.  Number one priority is schoolwork, followed by a commitment to M.O.T.O.  Practice and tournament schedules are provided well in advance, with appropriate time management, these two priorities should not conflict.
II.  Club M.O.T.O.  Policies for Parents:  
  1. Parents are responsible for getting their daughter/son(s) to and from practices and tournaments on time.
  2. M.O.T.O. requires that all players stay with their parents or another team parent during overnight travel.  If a parent cannot attend an overnight tournament, it is that family’s responsibility to arrange travel and housing for their (daughter) player.
  3. Club M.O.T.O. parents are supportive and encouraging of their daughter(s) and the rest of the team at all times. We want to make ALL players feel as though they are a part of a BIG FAMILY
  4. As representatives of M.O.T.O. and the community, they show respect towards each other, the coaches, and tournament officials, as well as towards the players, coaches, and parents of other clubs.  They also obey all of the rules and policies of both practice and tournament facilities.
  5. Club M.O.T.O. parents appreciate that ONLY the Head Coach or team captain may question an official.
  6. At tournaments, M.O.T.O. parents help their daughters to stay focused on the team and on the task at hand by leaving the coaching to the coaches.
  7. Club M.O.T.O. parents understand that if they do not agree with the coaching methods or style of coaching at M.O.T.O., that they may withdraw their daughter at any time, but will not receive any refund (unless in accordance with the below stated REFUND Policy) and will be responsible for paying any remaining dues of the season.
  8. Club M.O.T.O. parents will pitch in and do their part to help “Club M.O.T.O.” in any way possible (court and facility maintenance, fundraisers, team representative, serve on the board, a committee, or become a Chairperson).
  9. Club M.O.T.O. Parents are to use e-mail, texting, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, YouTube (this includes ALL other forms of social media, communication/electronic devices not listed) with good judgment when posting and communicating information as it pertains to M.O.T.O. players, teams, families, family members, associates, M .O.T.O. Club and others.  Any form of slander will be used for grounds of dismissal from Club M.O.T.O. for one (1) year.
III.  Player Conduct & Attitude :
M.O.T.O. players are expected to conduct themselves properly on AND off the court.  You represent ALL of us in every action you take…good or bad.  As a M.O.T.O. player, your conduct is scrutinized more critical than the average club player.  Therefore, trust in the specific values taught by your parents framed within the three basic tenets of conduct expectations:

Parents should feel free to speak with our Coaches and ask questions.  With all due respect…NEVER confront Coaches and air concerns at or during post-tournament/game times.  Please set up a private meeting or phone dialogue at an appropriate time and place.  Give us, yourself a chance to address and rectify a (if possible) any situation of concern.  Complaining with other parents is an ineffective means of solving YOUR problem and cannot effective change.    
Follow this protocol:
  1. Player to Coach.
  2. Parent to Coach.
  3. Coach to Club Director.
  4. Club Director to Region Director.
  5. Parent to Region Director.
  V.  Team Rules  
NO jewelry during practice as well as in tournaments.
NO gum.
NO bullying or teasing is allowed.
NO cell phones during practice as well as tournaments.
NO profanity and/or nonsense attitude.
BE on TIME!  Any player who does arrive late for practice and/or tournaments without proper note, (medical, family emergencies, religion or school field study) must be prepared to face consequences. 

VI.  Consequences for Violation of Team Rules  
  1. 1st Offense:  Extra practice time, running, squats, etc…
  2. 2nd Offense:  Sit out a set.
  3. 3rd Offense:  Sit out a match.
  4. 4th Offense:  Dismissal from the Team.
*****Once practice is over, players are to be picked up on time and leave gym property once practice is over.  Unless there are make-up drills, or runs due to the above violations of Team Rules.

VII.  Player Prerequisites:  
  1. Good standing with grades.
  2. Clear current debt(s) with club
  3. USAV Medical Release Form
“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”-----Billie Jean King