Recruitment Process

College Recruiting Information

The following recruiting information was taken and compiled from a College Coaching Recruitment seminar.  
This information is being shared with players and parents to have some ideas as to what plan of action to take regarding the next level of collegiate play.

Freshman/Sophomore Year:
1.  Make a list of schools that interest you and prioritize with their academics and locations.
2.  Sign on to FieldLevel at and keep your personal information updated.
3.  Sign on to NCAA Eligibility Center at
4.  Go to your colleges of choice and fill out their recruiting questionnaires.
5.  Make unofficial visits during your traveling club season or vacation.
6.  Contact the coach via e-mail or phone letting them know about your interest.
7.  Send your school and club schedule inviting them to watch you play.
8.  Set up a video skills tape and post on your Facebook page, FieldLevel, club, and Hudl website.

Junior Year:
1.  Start narrowing your list.
2.  Keep coaches informed with your school & club schedule, particularly the National Qualifiers.
3.  Phone Coaches of teams that you are interested in, and find out what positions they are recruiting in your graduating class.
4.  Make unofficial visits during their college tournaments in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.
5.  Continue updating your profile and checking your e-mail often.
6.  Make sure your core classes are ALL complete and you have an acceptable ACT and SAT score. 
7.  Recognize when a school is NOT interested in you...never get discouraged, MOVE ON!!!!!
8.  If YOU are NOT interested in a school and they keep after you, and you are POSITIVE you will NOT be going there---be polite and let the coach know.
9.  This may or may not be the time you receive an offer, and in return, give a "verbal" commitment.

Senior Year:
1.  If you need to re-take the ACT & SAT for a better score---do it!
2.  Be VERY PROACTIVE if you want this!
3.  Apply for admissions and make official visits to your top choices.  You have a total of 5 official visits.
4.  Continue to update your profile and send coaches your school and club schedule.
5.  Call coaches to see if their rosters are full or what positions they are still looking to fill.
6.  Signing period for Seniors can be mid-Fall to late Spring.
7.  Go ahead and fill out the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid packet.

Keep in mind, that the key to your successful recruiting process is to:

*Identify your ultimate goal as a student-athlete: Academically, Athletically, and Financially.
*Initiate contact and communicate through e-mails, phone calls, and visits. 
Keep yourself organized with corresponding information from coaches.
*Commit to your goals if you desire to play collegiate volleyball.