“Our experience with Club M.O.T.O has been wonderful!   My daughter began attending M.O.T.O’s clinics the summer before her 7th grade school year.  She tried out for and did not make the middle school volleyball team.  After playing one year of club volleyball with M.O.T.O and attending additional camps that summer, she was able to make the school team in 8th grade!  The coaching staff focused on the fundamentals to facilitate my daughter’s growth and help her excel!  This is our second year with the club and my daughters’ transformation has been phenomenal.  Not only has she developed athletically, she has improved social skills and increased confidence levels.  I am truly grateful for the coaching staff at M.O.T.O.”

-          L. Jenkins (Parent of Nia S.)


After my 7th grade season, I was interested in joining a club so I could learn more about volleyball and play year round. With some research, my mom and dad learned more about Club M.O.T.O. through a fellow teammate at my middle school. I will be 16 this spring, and I am still with M.O.T.O.! I am blessed to be able to say that it is the one and only club I have been affiliated with. With Club M.O.T.O., there is a special family atmosphere. The relationships between all the girls is a true sisterhood. With varying ages from 8 to 18, we all bond and lean on each other when need be. I feel comfortable asking anyone in M.O.T.O. for advice outside of volleyball, including the coaches.

M.O.T.O.’s staff has always been very approachable, making it easy to be comfortable around them. They are always available before and after practices to chat, discuss concerns, review individual skills, or just chat about everyday life. Many collegiate volleyball players who have been under Coach Rudnik’s tutelage  still come back to help the current athletes, scrimmage, give pointers, and catch up with each other on the court. I look to these girls as the older sisters I’ve never had. {Being the oldest girl with five siblings, it feels good to be able to go to them for advice.} There is nothing less than a true family bond within the club. I am so thankful for all of the experience M.O.T.O. has given me and how much I’ve learned.

I have grown so much on and off the court due to my time with the Club. I give all credit to M.O.T.O.: From what my Club coaches have taught me, I have been able to improve my skills as libero (and often as a back up setter). I have made Varsity in both my years of high school. This past season, I led our region in digs as Westwood High School’s libero, and earned the award for Defensive MVP.  I would not have learned as much as I have without M.O.T.O.; all of the coaches have sacrificed so much of their time and energy for the passion of the sport and betterment of each player. In fact, that’s what M.O.T.O. is all about - the love of volleyball. That is what is most encouraged in the club. Becoming a part of Club M.O.T.O. has been one of the best decisions of my life!  

- Nala W. 

I am a parent of two daughters that are members of M.O.T.O. (Motivating Others To Outperform) Volleyball Club under the direction of Coach Deanna Rudnik.  Over the past three years M.O.T.O. Volleyball Club has been a great influence in their lives. When we signed our daughters up for this club, we had no ideal of the influences and impact it would have on their lives.  We simply thought they would learn how to play volleyball and have a little fun. They received much more than that. The volleyball training is phenomenal and is focused on skillset, agility training, and nutrition.  Both of my daughters volleyball skillset has greatly improved. The skills that they have learned at M.O.T.O. have allowed them to be very competitive during club and the school season. They both made their school volleyball teams with ease. They have consistently excelled each year to be able to play at the next higher level.

M.O.T.O. Volleyball is more than just a club. The mentorship and motivation that the coaching staff provides is excellent. This club motivates my daughters to do better and strive for greatness both on the court and off the court. Their leadership skills, their confidence, and their work ethic have greatly improved as a direct result of the training they receive from the entire coaching staff at M.O.T.O. Volleyball Club.

My husband and I truly appreciate the impact that volleyball has brought to our girls lives.  We know being part of this club has been a true inspiration and has guided our girls to receive many accolades about the ability that they have acquired through club M.O.TO. We are pleased and grateful for all that the coaches do and will do for our daughters.



“My daughter, Hanna, started with M.O.T.O. Volleyball in 2011. At that time, we did not know a lot about the game but we knew Hanna needed to get active because of her health. M.O.T.O. and Club Director, Deanna Rudnick, have motivated and encouraged her to play and face challenges. Hanna’s self-esteem is much higher now. She once worried about looking different and not “fitting in” with the other volleyball players. That is no longer a concern. While she still does not fit the typical description of many players, she is able to play just as well or better. I’m extremely grateful to M.O.T.O. for giving her an opportunity that helped her earn a spot on her high school junior varsity team.”

           –Lynda Montgomery, Parent


“When we joined M.O.T.O., it felt like a big family of girls. When high school volleyball ends, M.O.T.O. Volleyball begins. It helps keep us focused and out of trouble. I did not think I would like M.O.T.O when I first started because I am overweight. I really did not think I could lose the weight but while running with the team, they cheered me on, and I kept going, pushing myself more and more. It motivates me to ‘outperform’ everything. Thank you M.O.T.O. for giving me the opportunity to learn the game, love the game and respect the game. I am healthier. I am happier. I am M.O.T.O. -  Motivated To Outperform.”

–Hanna Montgomery