PVA Tryout Policy


No one can pressure you to decide what team you will play on.  

No one can say any of the following things:

1.)  You need to commit before you leave the gym or your spot will be given to someone else

2.)  You need to commit now because teams are filling up and you want to be sure you get a spot on our TOP......TEAM!

3.)  You need to commit now because if you wait until the deadline there won't be a spot for YOU!

Clubs that are offering roster positions are REQUIRED by the Palmetto Region to let you WAIT and decide after the Tryout Period.

You are certainly allowed to commit right away, but that is ONLY  if you want to.

If you feel pressured for any reason, report this to the region.  Go to http://www.palmettoregionvb.org/contact-us for region contact information.