Training Academy🏐

"NEW" M.O.T.O. Volleyball Training Academy

M.O.T.O. will be offering training to families who ONLY wants to seek training and NOT TRAVEL.
Our training will be geared towards players who prefer NOT to travel.
Also, players who DO NOT make a traveling team with the local clubs in and around the Columbia area.
The following criteria will be taken into consideration or used as a measure.

  • A player(s) who never had volleyball training. 
  • A player (s) who has little basic knowledge in passing, setting, attacking, and serving.
  • A player(s) who struggles with volleyball basics and may have some (but not a lot) knowledge of volleyball offense and defense strategies.
  • Player and family is not interested in traveling at this time.
  • A player(s) just want to LEARN the game before traveling to compete.
  • A player(s) competition level is not in the top 90% . 

                           Registration opens October 1, 2018 

********You can register in person on the day of training at Killian Park or call (803) 754-7980

If you do not want too do the monthly 3 sessions for $55.00, you can sign up for our single sessions for  $35.00 a session

Training Days: 

First three Sunday's of each month starting October 7, 2018 from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. @ Killian Park

3 Sessions a month...$55.00

Single Sessions...$35.00 a session